Chronicles of Elyria

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Civilian Settlement




"lux aurea civitas"

"The light of the City was Golden"


A Knight is sworn to Valor.

Their Heart Knows only Virtue.

Their Blade Defends the Helpless.

Their Might Upholds the Weak.

Their Words Speak only Truth.

Their Knowledge Defeats Ignorance.

Their Wrath Undoes the Wicked.


I am Mayor Luthor Soulgard of House Soulgard and I am the founding father of the settlement of my namesake. As founding father and leader of this settlement it is my duty and solemn vow to do everything in my power to make this place a peaceful, safe, rich, strong & prosperous City for all those who reside within it's walls. I have no visions of personal wealth or self indulgence or taking advantage of others, my only vision is that of forging the greatest settlement the world of Elyria has ever bared witness to and in order to do that, every action I undertake is to the benefit of my Citizens. If you need help with anything you can come to me personally and I will endeavour to assist you whether that be obtaining land, building a home or a business, gaining access to resources. By helping you I help make my job of settlement growth and expansion and prosperity an easier task because my City is nothing without each individual person who resides within, we all play our important roles.
First and foremost I intend to secure the settlement from external threat, that means fortifications with no expense spared. Walls will encompass the initial Settlement and then as the City limits extend outwards extra walls will be placed. 
Internal security is just as important, smaller internal walls will be place to ensure an efficient movement of people to key areas such as residential, Industrial, Research and commercial districts, at key locations within the City watchtowers will be placed so guards can keep watch and be ready for any trouble causes.
The safer the people are from the beginning of their lives, the more they can concentrate on making a positive contribution to society without worries of danger.
In expectation of future expansion and to be ready for it in advance I will endeavour to construct key and important public buildings and services, Schools, Hospitals, Religious Buildings, Libraries & other such constructions.  As our size and population increases and our settlement advances in classification these buildings will ensure bonuses for all our people.
This is not the entirety of my plans but as an introduction is a sufficient explanation of the direction I wish to lead. I ask that anyone who wishes to be a part of this place to join us now and together we can bvild the envy of the Continent.

Tribe & Biome
100% Guaranteed

Neran / Grassland 
(Specifically the Brudvir/Neran Border)

Soulgard exists within a bountiful & beautiful Biome, a green and pleasant land filled with lush fields of grass and plant-life and vast forests of the most amazingly tall trees. Lakes, rivers and streams of the clearest most purest waters flow through these lands. The City itself lays within a protective valley which leads to the coast, whilst the City does not reside on the coast itself it is within close enough proximity for citizens of the City to take advantage of, enjoying the benefits of a small coastal outpost for purposes of fishing and trade by sea.


There will be countless opportunities within this City and surrounding areas. Soulgard is located within a County with few other settlements in order to take advantage of the land, all nearby settlements in the Duchy of Terenia will be in the other Terenian Counties meaning that all the resources and economic openings of the County this City is in are up for grabs for anybody who wants to secure for themselves a strong business during the early hours of the game. With such a County at their fingertips there are opportunities for people wishing to become miners, farmers, lumberjacks, builders, blacksmiths and so much more, harnessing the Counties abundance and utilising the City as a central trade hub. The fact the City will be near the sea means there's plenty of room for people wanting to start a fishing business or maybe they just want to live and work in the City but own a luxury yacht by the coast. Anything your heart desires you can achieve. Don't waste a golden opportunity to be one of the early pioneers of Soulgard.

The Solar Citadel

Located at the heart of the City is the Solar Citadel. A mighty Fortress of unparalleled architecture, strength and durability, surrounded by the highest most impressive defensive walls in all Elyria. Impenetrable by even the greatest armies Mannkind can muster. Considered by many to be a City within a City, it contains room after room of crafting stations allowing for people of the community to hone their skills in such subjects as Alchemy, Glass making and Smithing to name a few. The Citadel also boasts an impressive armory of the most advanced weapons & technology available and ample storage for resources and food. In the event of War or Siege the Citadel acts as both a safe place for Citizens and the Cities last line of defence.


As a Soulgardian you are a Mighty Elyrian with the Heart of a Knight and a Soul of Righteous Light, and it is because of our core character and values that when faced with adversity, when faced with the darkness that inhabits the land and the hearts of the evil doers beyond our borders, we will each arise with sword and shield in hand and defend this golden City to the very end, even if that be our own very last breath and wherever there is suffering, wherever evil takes foothold within our own lands we will purge them as moths to a flame.

Economy & Trade

Freedom is one of the foundations upon which we stand as a community, freedom to follow our dreams, develop ourselves, support eachother, learn the trade we wish to perfect, build up businesses. It is through freedom that our Cities economy will flourish, whether that's internal trading or external trading. It is of upmost importance for the Citizens of Soulgard to take advantage of what our lands have to offer, to perfect our trades and skills, secure resources and through exporting our strengths we can import our weaknesses and through peace will prosper and become not just a superpower but a beacon of hope and opportunity to all Elyria. 

City Life

What is expected of you? what will your life be like in Soulgard? As you know, you are of the light, the very core of your being is goodness and the City itself aswell as those in charge also reflect that nature. As such you are free to build for yourself homes, businesses, families and friendships but where necessary pay towards the functioning of the City. You're free to live your life as your righteous soul desires. All that is expected, is for you to hold this place dear and protect it and everyone in it with every fibre of your being should the need arise. Every action you take will prosper both yourself and the community. Together we hold eachother aloft, if you see your fellow Gardian fall you will put your hand out to raise them back to their feet.  


Infrastructure is of vital importance to the City, as such roads and bridges are and will be abundantly constructed as and when required during periods of expansion. As has been previously mentioned, Gardians are expected to contribute 
towards the functioning of the City (aswell as the Kingdom as a whole), this will be through a form of tax, a low as possible tax, which will allow us to afford this modification of our beloved home. It is also imperative for trade purposes that connections are made to other settlements within and beyond our borders.


Positive, Ethical and Honourable Guilds are always a welcome addition to any community, they promote community cohesion through socialisation and contribute to the development of our society. Guilds are free to build a Guild hall within Soulgard as long as they will consider themselves (as an organisation) loyal to the success of the City just as it's individual people are and swear to protect it just as any other Gardian would do so.

Duchy of Terenia & Demalion Empire

This City is located within these two areas, but what exactly are they?

The Demalion Empire is an Empire on the EU server that comprises of 2 consolidated Kingdoms merged into one giant Kingdom making it the largest on the Server. As a result of this, the Empire will be the first Kingdom during land selection to choose from all the available biomes. It's large size also means there will be more biomes available within the Kingdoms boundaries. The Empire is ruled by Emperor Vaizer and the foundation of the Empire rests on the 4 principles of Courage, Trust, Loyalty & Generosity.

Terenia is one of the 24 Duchies (Nations) united together within the Demalion Empire pledging allegiance to Emperor Vaizer. The ruler of Terenia is Duke Demiqas Liacan. Terenia is by far one of the more populated Duchies on the server as it was founded very early on in Elyrian history and much of it's population hails from the breakup up of a much older Kingdom. With it's loyal & bustling population Terenia looks to become a powerful and prosperous region and it always welcomes new people looking to help build and share in it's wealth.

Soulgard prides itself on being located within one of the 24 Counties of Terenia, the County of Solshire. A moderately sized area with few other settlements making Soulgard an important City to the region and ensuring a busy settlement with much to do and plenty of social interaction.

Please follow the links below to learn about the Duchy and Kingdom that the City resides within